Getting Active with Photos and GIF Creation

The Camera app on iPad is a quick and easy tool for capturing learning, making it perfect to support students as they get active. The project in the video below outlines a workflow for a fun movement break. Movement is captured with a ‘Burst’ of photos as students jump, run, dance or whatever action they are keen to record. These actions are then lifted into a fun, easy to create GIF in the Keynote app.

Resources to Support Getting Active with Photos and GIF Creation

  • This Everyone Can Create Project: Make Photo Text Art from the Apple Learning Center will immerse your students in the great outdoors as they capture a variety of textures, then creatively personalise expression of learning in Keynote. This project includes simple tutorials and downloadable resources to support and scaffold learning.
  • Check out this Newsletter on GIFs Supporting Learning from the Tech Learning Collective. Students love creating GIFs, making them an engaging activity to synthesise a concept or demonstrate understanding. This newsletter include links to downloadable resources, tutorials and engaging curriculum aligned GIF creation ideas.
  • Explore In Action: Build Skills with Video from the Apple Learning Center to discover how PE teacher Simon Messer builds skills with slow-motion video. The Slow-Mo functionality in the Camera app is a brilliant tool for recording fast moving reactions in Science, observing student movement in PE and so much more.

I’d love to hear ways you are utilising the functionality of iPad to get active. I’d also love to hear ideas of how GIF creation is supporting learning in your classroom. Please share any thoughts or ideas in the comments section.


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