How to Help Your Students Focus on Their Goals with Everyone Can Create Activities

As our new term approaches, it's time to start thinking about goals my students may set.

Often we will set a goal, or choose our ‘word’, at the beginning of the term or year but as we get busy and time moves on it’s easy for us to forget about the intentions we set

One way to help students stay focused on their goals is to have them choose a word that represents what they want to achieve. This word can then be used as a visual reminder throughout the term, and it can also be used to create a project that showcases their learning. 

Rather than doing a ‘one and done’ type activity, this term we’ll use the same word to complete a series of activities - each building on the last one - using the Everyone Can Create books to support them.

My aim is to develop their creativity, problem-solving skills, and communication skills while keeping their chosen word at the forefront of their thinking throughout the term.

This is how I’ll walk my students through choosing one word that reflects their focus for the term, and keep it relevant throughout the following weeks.

  1. Choose a word:

The first step is to have my students choose a word that represents their focus for the next term. This word can be anything that is meaningful to them, such as "kindness," "growth," or "success."

  1. Create a sketch:

Once students have chosen a word, they’ll use Tayasui Sketches School to create a sketch that represents their word. Tayasui Sketches is a great app for creating simple, yet beautiful sketches. It has a variety of brushes and tools that students can use to create their designs.

  1. Animate the sketch:

Next, students will use Keynote to animate their sketch. This allows students to create and share their own animations. Students can use a variety of ways to create their animations, such as duplicating their slides and moving objects slightly on each one or using the built in animation tools. They might even combine both.

  1. Create a Clips video:

Once they have animated their sketch, they’ll use Clips to create a video that showcases their work. Clips allows students to create and share their own videos using a variety of tools to create their videos, such as adding music, filters, stickers, memojis and animated text.

This is where they’ll explain their reason for the word they chose.

  1. Add music:

Finally, for those who need extending, they'll use loops in GarageBand to add music to their video. 

I’ve created a workbook using Pages that they’ll use to collate all their explorations and their creativity.

Feel free to adapt it for you students and have some fun exploring how you might develop some creative activities with your students.



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Posted on September 28, 2023

Is there a way to get Tayasui Sketches School for Chromebook (couldn't see it in Chrome extensions) or via website? This is such a cool idea - thanks for sharing.

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