Everyone Can Compose - ARchitecting Change & Sustainable Development with iPad (New Resource)


Book cover - a girl standing in a wind turbine field placing turbines from iPad via AR.
Everyone Can Compose Book Cover
Everyone Can Compose is an entirely new Apple Education program for iPads involving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The book, attached here, consists of over 170 Reality Composer project ideas directly tied to the SDGs targets. This challenge based learning (CBL) program asks students to design solutions for the SDGs targets in Reality Composer and then place and capture their solutions in the real world via augmented reality (AR). Students become ARchitects of change and sustainable development with iPad. 

The CBL program can support other Apple Education initiatives such as Challenge for Change as students can share their storytelling skills while capturing their Reality Composer AR solutions in the real world. The 170+ project ideas are directly tied to the actual targets within each of the 17 SDGs making each undertaking a meaningful and inspiring use of iPads for the World's Largest Lesson. Everyone Can Compose can help usher in the Vision years at Apple by introducing composition of augmented and mixed reality scenes. This program truly compliments and completes the hat trick of the Everyone Can series including Everyone Can Create and Everyone Can Code!


About Everyone Can Compose

Artificial Intelligence assisted in the creation of avatar assistants found throughout the book in video format to help suggest certain projects and take some of the burden of reading away. There is an ARchitecting Change Rubric for educators, resources that help understand how to credit USDZ files, Reality Composer tutorials provided by two amazing Apple Distinguished Educators, and much much more. Please consider using Everyone Can Compose with your students as they share their stories of ARchitecting Change and Sustainable Development with iPad! I welcome and appreciate any feedback on this program. Everyone Can Compose!


Example Page SDG 1


In Dallas in 2023 Karen Cator spoke about Challenge Based Learning. I had no idea it was an Apple Education concept. Later my Canadian colleague Francois mentioned in a session that little had been done to fully unleash Reality Composer in classrooms with purpose. With these two pieces of new information, on the final day of institute, I formulated the initial idea for Everyone Can Compose - ARchitecting Change and Sustainable Development with iPad. It involves my passion for the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals education, iPads, and I believe it ushers in nicely the Vision years at Apple. All of these aspects came together and over 3 months this resource was created. I implemented it into my own programming allowing my students to test the concept in October 2023 and the day after I turned 45 years old, uploaded this resource here for the entire Apple Education Community. I proudly submit this resource as a Canadian ADE, Class of 2017 (Best Class Ever), and ask that ADEs around the world give it a try with their students as we all work to generate awareness of and solutions for the World's Largest Lesson!


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Posted on October 08, 2023

Amazing resource Benjamin! So well organized and full of sustainability goals for learners. Thanks for creating and sharing your book.

Posted on October 28, 2023

Thanks Cheryl! Testing it with 105 middle schoolers and it is going better than I could have ever expected. Can't wait to share it in person!

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