Santa's Christmas Shopping

Welcome to Santa's workshop!

Help Santa pick the best option for staying within his budget and making it to Christmas Night on time! Learn to spend wisely and make Santa's Christmas magical night without emptying his wallet or running out of time!

How to Navigate:

  • This or That Scenarios: Make choices between two options, considering the impact on Santa's budget and time.
  • Time vs. Cost: Explore trade-offs—some choices save money but take longer, while others are quicker but cost more.


  • Budgeting: Explain why Santa needs to stick to a budget when buying gifts.
  • Spending Wisely: Discuss making thoughtful choices within a budget.
  • Consequences: Show how each choice affects Santa's budget and gift options.

Using the Keynote:

  • Interactive Choices: Encourage active participation in selecting 'This' or 'That.'
  • Discuss Outcomes: Talk about how choices affect Santa's budget and the gifts he can buy.
  • Engage Students: Ask questions to encourage critical thinking.


  • Reflect on Lessons: Discuss lessons learned about budgeting and wise spending.
  • Calculate total hours and cost at the end of the activity and reflect on what you could have chosen differently to help Santa.

Bonus Activity:

  • Student-Created Scenarios: Encourage students to create their own 'This or That' budgeting scenarios.


All Replies

Posted on December 20, 2023

This is so great, Belen!

And has great opportunities to go beyond Christmas time too with their learning! 🎅

I love the gamified nature, and elements of choice and storytelling interwined throughout!

Fantastic work! 🙌

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