Augmented Reality ELF on the SHELF

Inspired by an idea that the SUPER inspirational Coby Reynolds shared with me last week, I captured a 3D scan of my 'Elf on the Shelf' using Reality Composer and added this USDZ file to a Keynote Template.


Use with your students (or own family) to:

  • Add the 3D Elf to a photo (using a placeholder - as in photo above)
  • Draw your own background for the 3D Elf


  • Launch the Elf as an Augmented Reality asset directly in your environment. Like this:

Full instructions given within the Keynote file.

Have fun!



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Posted on December 07, 2023

What a great idea! This mix technology with holiday spirit. I use to have an easter egg hunt with QR code with my boys when they were little. That way the older couldn't find the next clue with out my presence (well without my phone) and I could have clues in text for the eldest and as images for the youngest.

What did you use to capture the 3D scan. And thanks a lot for the file.

Posted on December 07, 2023

Thanks Dr Pat! The USDZ file was captured using Reality Composer and my iPhone 14 🤩

Posted on December 20, 2023

This is such a super fun way to use Object Capture in iOS 17 and bring AR into the classroom, with plenty of room for creativity and personalisation! Great work, Rachel! 🙌

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