iPad Creativity Bootcamp - Student Journal & Teacher Guide


Start the year strong by having your students get creative on iPad with an iPad Creativity Bootcamp Journal, and accompanying Teachers Guide. Here is a sneak peak of what's included in the journal: 

The Teachers Guide PDF offers additional ideas for how you might use these creative projects across other learning areas, and also has direct links to full video demonstrations for each project (that is right.... FULL VIDEO DEMONSTRATIONS OF EACH CREATIVE PROJECT 🤩 - these video demonstrations are also linked in the student journal).

Within this journal, students will create:

  • A personalised self portrait using the annotation Markup
  • An animated GIF of their name (featuring a Line Draw animation)
  • A Clips movie about their favourite things

It also includes 2 additional bonus Keynote activities - a classmate photo scavenger hunt and a Keynote Shapes Library challenge.

All the projects in this journal have been chosen as they teach students skills in a range of apps that can be used time and time again throughout the year, across all learning areas (and with all age groups 🙌🏻).

It is up to you how to use this journal. For older students, you could give them the entire journal and they can work through it own their own, reading the Step-by-Step instructions or accessing the video demonstrations from links within the journal pages. Another great idea would be to have the video demonstration playing on a big screen whilst your students (and you 🙌🏻) follow along - pausing as needed to complete each step.

You could also choose to complete one or 2 individual projects from the journal, by copying and pasting chosen slides into a new Keynote presentation to use with your students (you can access a screen recording in the Teacher Guide that steps you through how to do this).

I hope you enjoy using this iPad Creativity Bootcamp Journal and Teachers Guide. Would love for you to tag me on the socials @tech_play_teach (Instagram, Twitter and Linkedin) if you end up using this with your students.

Enjoy 🫶🏻




5 replies

January 26, 2024

Wonderful projects Rachel! Thanks for the tips, ideas and downloads for the Bootcamp. Love the idea of a Creativity Bootcamp!

January 26, 2024

Thanks so much Cheryl. I hope the support throughout the journal allows even the most nervous iPad users to give these projects a go!

January 27, 2024

downloading right now - looks like an amazing resource!

January 27, 2024

Thanks Karen 🫶🏼🫶🏼🫶🏼

February 09, 2024

Thanks so much Sam 🫶🏼🤩

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