Supporting Early Learners on iPad: Apple Classroom

Working with early learners on iPad is so rewarding 🙌🏻

They are so capable and so creative, and with access to only a few apps and tools, they are easily able to share with us their knowledge and understanding, their wonders and their learning. 🤩

If you are an early years teacher though - the reality of working with early learners and iPad can certainly have its challenges 🤪

That is where Apple Classroom comes in 👩🏻‍💻

Whether you are in a 1:1 iPad setting, or, only have small groups of iPads in your classroom - this app is a game changer for making your life a little bit easier as a teacher, whilst also offering opportunities to receive and give timely feedback to your early learners.

You will find 2 videos below.

The first video talks you through the manual process of setting up your Apple Classroom, including some tips and tricks if you only work with a small group of iPads in your learning environment (note: you may not need to do this step if your school manages your devices and already has the classes set up for you). The second video shares some of the great features of Apple Classroom that I find most useful in an early years setting.

Setting up

Favourite Features

Which features or uses of Apple Classroom are your favourite? Add a comment below 🫶🏻


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