Fibonacci Fusion: Where Maths Meets Pop Art

Chris Mier / Digital Development Officer / RTC Manager / Glasgow City Council / Class of 2023

Delve into the world of mathematical sequences and embark on an unexpected and delightful journey.


Image depicting a field of sunflowers with a tree-line in the background. Behind the tree-line the sun is setting.
Photo by Tod Kent on Unsplash
Picture this: you're not just crunching numbers; you're unraveling mysteries hidden in the very fabric of nature itself. Think sunflowers swaying in the breeze and the mesmerising swirls of snail shells. But how does math come into play here. Now, hold onto your hats because this is where it gets interesting. Imagine you have a line, a humble 100 centimetres in length.  

Green metre stick with 10 centimetre intervals marked with a red line.

But when you slice it just right, something magical happens. Suddenly, you've got a longer segment, roughly 61.8 centimeters, and a shorter one, about 38.2 centimeters. Now, brace yourself for the mind-blowing part: if you divide the whole line by the longer segment, you get 1.618. And guess what? When you divide the longer part by the shorter part, you still  get 1.618! Mind. Blown.   

First metre stick shows six one point eight centimetres. Second metre stick shows thirty eight point two centimetres.

Image depicting the Golden Ratio in gold set against a teal background.
The Golden Ratio spiral.

This mystical number, 1.618, is none other than the Golden Ratio. It's not just any ordinary number; it's the VIP of mathematics, making cameo appearances in nature, art, and architecture. Imagine it as the secret sauce sprinkled across the canvas of existence, adding that extra oomph of balance and beauty. Pretty neat, isn’t it?

Image depicting a shell in the form of the Golden Ratio spiral.
Photo by David Clode on Unsplash

Now, let's rewind to where this magic began. It all stemmed from a classroom quest to jazz up number patterns and sequences for bright-eyed primary students. 

Enter Fibonacci, the OG math rockstar, whose image sparked wonder and curiosity among the young minds. But why stop at images when you can dive headfirst into creativity? 

Portrait image of mathematician Fibonacci. Image is in black and white.
Imagine crafting Fibonacci's portrait in a way that not only captivates but educates. Picture the iconic spiral dancing gracefully alongside the first ten numbers of the Fibonacci sequence, all leading to the pièce de résistance – the Golden Ratio. It's not just about numbers on a page; it's a symphony of creativity and learning, a gateway to unlocking the secrets of the universe, one sequence at a time.  
Completed Fibonacci Pop Art piece on teal background.


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Posted on April 09, 2024

What a fun, creative way to teach about Fibonacci! Thanks for sharing!

Posted on April 19, 2024

Thank you Eileen 🙏 it was a lot of fun creating it!

Posted on April 21, 2024

The Golden Ratio spiral 🌀 it was created in Keynote using shapes added together, subtracted from each other and edited using the mark-up tools. If you would like an editable version of this please get in touch.

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