Encouraging self-regulation using Pages

Starting High School can be a daunting experience for some - feeling unsure, out of place and overwhelmed. There is so much to learn at a new school - expectations, values, rules, teachers names, where to go, etc.

Focusing on well-being and self-regulation, I wanted to create a safe space for students to source information, set goals, reflect, and track academic progress. Pages seemed like the best platform to do this. I also found it to be a valuable resource for dialogue during parent-teacher conferences, if the students give permission to share.

In this work diary there is:

  • School Values, and Code of Conduct
  • School haka/waiata (song) lyrics with sound and video
  • Who am I? collage and pepeha pages
  • Goal Setting
  • School Participation tracker
  • A page to store a photo of their timetable
  • Termly Academic credit tracker
  • Weekly reflection space, which includes a well-being marker (I find this valuable as a teacher so I can track how students are feeling without them having to tell me).

This resource aims to create a nurturing learning environment where students can thrive academically, emotionally, and socially, laying a solid foundation for their ongoing success and development.

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