Personalise Professional Learning with Apple APL live summary

As part of the APL live series, we recently held a webinar titled: “Personalise Professional Learning with Apple”. We explored how Apple Professional Learning supports teachers in bridging the gap between technology and curriculum. Designed with education leaders in mind, the session highlighted how to tailor the professional learning journey to meet the unique needs of your teachers. We delved into a variety of resources from Apple that can enhance teaching practices and drive educational excellence. Below are some key resources from this enriching experience, aimed at inspiring and equipping you to personalise professional development for your team.


Apple Teacher: Apple Teacher is a free professional learning program designed to support and celebrate educators using Apple products for teaching and learning. Your self-paced journey starts by learning foundational skills on iPad and Mac, and continues as you integrate Apple technology into your everyday lessons. With three recognitions to explore, there’s endless inspiration and opportunity to be rewarded for doing your very best teaching — teaching that gives students more connected, creative, collaborative, and personal learning experiences.


Apple Learning Coach: Apple Learning Coach is a free program that trains an instructional coach or other educator to help teachers get more out of Apple technology.

The program includes an online certification course, self‑paced lessons, and two days of virtual workshops with Apple Professional Learning Specialists. The course results in the creation of a Coaching Portfolio, including an action plan to support teachers as they take learning to a deeper level with Apple technology.

There are also some amazing facilitation guides APLS have put together for you to get started planning Professional Learning with your staff.

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