Challenge: Raise awareness and support for LGBTQ history in our school.

During Pride Month in the U.S. and beyond, use Challenge Based Learning to celebrate inclusion of LGBTQ rights and history in the educational curriculum.

Spark your Challenge with a Keynote Kiosk on iPad that is accessible in your classroom or place of instruction. It’s easy to set up Keynote on iPad into Kiosk mode:

Open Keynote, tap the drop down arrow at the end of the project name in the upper left, then select Presentation Options/Presentation Type.  Select Loop Slideshow and Self Playing.

Once you’ve shown students how to, they can make commemoration month kiosks to play in your classroom.


Challenge Based Learning (CBL)

Via the CBL framework, students formulate their own questions and implement student generated solutions to a Big Idea. Below is an example of what might be generated.


Big Idea: Pride

Essential Question: How do we recognize the importance of equity for LGBTQ students in our school community.

Challenge: Develop a campaign to raise awareness and support for LGBTQ rights and history in our schools.


Guiding Questions:

  • How have local LGBTQ activists and community members contributed to the fight for LGBTQ rights?
  • What educational materials can effectively highlight LGBTQ contributions and issues?
  • What resources does the school have on LGBTQ history?

Guiding Activities and Resources

  • Research the history and significance of LGBTQ Pride Month.
  • Interview local LGBTQ activists or community members.
  • Create educational materials (e.g., posters, videos) that highlight LGBTQ contributions and issues.


Plan and execute a community event or social media campaign that fosters dialogue and support for learning about LGBTQ history.

Visit Challenge Based Learning to download additional resources.


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