100 Creative Activities to Build Relationships

A 2019 Gallup study defines creativity as “the ability to imagine new ways of solving problems, approaching challenges, making connections or creating products. Creativity is not based on a formula, but on thinking that relates to discovery and inquiry.” 

Research shows that parents, teachers, and students all think creativity is important in learning. This learning extends beyond content into learning more about each other. Creativity inspires curious thinking. When we are curious about each other, we can create opportunities to listen to others’ perspectives and experiences. When we understand more about other’s perspectives and experiences, we are able to create stronger connections, build deeper relationships, and interact with more empathy and compassion.  

You don’t think of yourself as creative? Don’t worry!

Research also shows that people can learn to be more creative; it’s not just a trait you’re born with. By engaging in activities that inspire creative thinking and curiosity, you can form creative habits. Creativity can play a role in emotional well-being and satisfaction with life as well! Use theses activities as discussion or thinking prompts with students, staff, team, or anyone with whom you’d like to build or deepen a relationship. 

You can use the activities in any order, as stand alone activities, as part of a classroom or meeting routine, and as a springboard to other activities that would benefit from creativity and connections, such as a pre-writing exercise. 

The most important part of these activities are the conversations that these activities inspire. Whether those conversations happen as a planned whole group discussion, a deeper connection with a small group, or a quick conversation in the hallway, approach these creative activities and the conversations that come from them with curiosity. Ask why? Model sharing openly. Recognize and praise the efforts that others take with their activities, the time they spend creating, the thoughtfulness with which they approach the activity, and their willingness to share what they choose to share about how and why they created. 

I hope that you are inspired to create!


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June 26, 2024

Amanda I love the reflection piece of this - thinking about your creative process. That is an eye opener and incentive to keep creating. Super for students and teachers alike!

Amazing Keynote download! Something for everyone to get started. One a day for 100 days would be doable!

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