Showcasing Experiences: Capture STEM Experiences through Learning Journals on iPad

Unleash your students' thinking with the Learning Journal! This journal helps students capture their critical thinking during projects, communicate their findings clearly, collaborate with classmates on new ideas, and unleash their creativity. Every page is a chance to showcase the 4 C's, the design process, and the scientific method in action.  Don't forget: Students can add photos, videos, audio, and even sketches to document their learning journey! Preview pages of the Learning Journal below!


Title states Critical Thinking. There is a text box. There are two photo place holders and a recording icon.
Design Process. There are 6 text boxes: ask, create, imagine, test, plan and improve. Record audio icons, photo placeholders

Journals are a great way to unlock student potential! Download the editable Keynote and transform your classroom into a hub for innovative learning. This versatile Learning Journal goes beyond STEM – it can be easily adapted to ignite curiosity and critical thinking in literacy, math, social studies, science, and beyond!  Flexible for all learners: send students the entire journal or distribute pages one by one, adapting to their learning pace. New to keynote? Learn more here!

Empower students to showcase their learning:

  • Add Text prompts: Guide their thinking and reflection.
  • Use Multimedia magic: Photos, videos, and audio let them express themselves in creative ways.
  • Quick checks for understanding: Capture student thought processes through pictures and audio recordings, giving you valuable insights into their learning journey.

Download and customize the Learning Journal to fit the needs in your classroom!


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