Non-Standard Measurement in Primary (Pages Activity Template)

This engaging Pages template helps primary students reinforce the concept of non-standard measurement through a fun and interactive activity. Students will practice measuring objects using a familiar unit – building blocks!

Non-Standard Measurement Pages Template Preview:


Math activity using non-standard units of measurement to measure a picture of a hamburger using blocks.

Before Using This Pages Activity Template:

Activate prior student knowledge by finding 2-D shapes around your classroom and measuring them with non-standard units. (For example: Measure the length of a desk by using paper clips.)

Using This Pages Activity Template:

This Pages template/workbook will walk you and your students through using nonstandard tools and units of measurement. This includes measuring objects on a line using blocks.

This skill will reinforce using the same object using blocks and stress the importance of no gaps or overlays. The end goal in mind is to line up the blocks to measure the object and write the number of blocks on the provided line.

Extend Student Thinking:

Use the last 4 pages to reinforce measurement skills by letting students choose and measure any shape they like with blocks.

Download this engaging non-standard measurement Pages template and help your students master measuring with fun!

Time to measure up some fun!


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