Transition From Worksheet to Keynote: Digitizing Beginning Band Music Theory

Digitize Your Beginning Band Music Theory Lessons with Keynote! Replace traditional printed music theory worksheets with the flexibility of using MacBooks or iPads. Get started with this Keynote template!

Revolutionizing Music Theory Education

For years, basic music theory has been taught during beginning band using note naming worksheets and other activities. Typically, you would prepare for the lesson by making copies of the worksheet or activity. But the shift to digital platforms like Keynote can streamline this process, offering flexible options for students to complete assignments on their devices.

The Activity: Note Naming with Keynote

Download our Keynote template for an engaging activity called “Note Naming: Creating Words.” The file contains:

  • 10 slides (questions) in Treble Clef
  • 10 slides (questions) in Bass Clef

Each slide features a musical staff with a word at the bottom. Students will spell the word using musical notes. This can be done in two different ways:

  • Apple Pencil: Students can draw the notes on the staff.
  • Drag and Drop: Students can drag and drop notes into the correct position on the staff.

Example Slide: “Cafe”


A musical staff with a treble clef and four whole notes. Two are computer generated. Two are hand written.
In this example, the student completed the C and A by dragging and dropping the notes from below the staff to the correct position. For F and E, the student used their Apple Pencil. This flexibility allows students to complete the assignment comfortably on any Apple device.


Submitting Assignments

Once students finish, they can:

  • Peer Grade: Trade devices with classmates and have students grade each other as you go over the assignment.
  • Submit via LMS: Use platforms like Schoology or Canvas to have students submit their completed files. 
  • AirDrop: Students can AirDrop their completed files to you. If you choose this option, be sure to have students include their name in the file name or somewhere in the document. 

Modulating the Activity

This Keynote template is adaptable. Here are some ideas:

Single Note Naming: Write a single note name at the bottom, and students place the note on the staff.


A musical staff with a bass clef. The whole note moves from below the staff to the first space. The letter A is at the bottom

Custom Words: Leave the template blank for students to create their own words, completing both parts.


A musical staff with a treble clef. There are five whole notes below the staff. Word with a question mark is at the bottom.

Benefits of Using Keynote for Music Theory

  • Engagement: Interactive slides can make learning more engaging.
  • Accessibility: Students can use MacBooks, iPads, or any Apple device.
  • Paperless: Reduces the need for printed worksheets.
  • Customization: Easily modify the template to fit various teaching needs.


Ready to transform your music theory lessons? Download the Keynote template now and bring a new level of interactivity to your classroom!


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