Exploring Short-Form Video for Storytelling

TikTok, Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts... short-form video is all around us and has become a predominant social media stream, especially for our students.

This resource is a Keynote file from a mini-workshop that I put on during Canada's 2024 Apple Distinguished Educator Academy in Montebello, QC. The session focused on utilizing short-form video for storytelling, in whatever context you come from.

My experience with short-form video falls in a much different context than education. I own a small business designing and selling crochet patterns and create a lot of short-form video to build my audience and market my products on social media. I've used it as a springboard to show exemplars of various short-form video categories, along with some creators from TikTok to show the versatility of perspectives that can be applied to audio sound bites, transitions, narratives, and video montages. The beauty of short-form video is that you can create via free apps like Clips or iMovie or use social media if you have accounts established them for your context.

When you download the Keynote file, I recommend ensuring the presenter notes are open as I've detailed instructions/extra notes on several slides. They provide more information about the video categories as well as instructions for how to re-create particular transitions between video clips (used when demonstrating a transformation or revealing something).

I will add - I do use short-form video with my students as well. While we do not post our work on social media, my students have created many math concept clips where they have to provide a definition of a math concept that we're exploring along with a relevant visual example that they demonstrate in 1 minute or less.

How might you use short-form video to build an audience? How might you use it with your students?


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July 12, 2024

Thank you for a short form video 101 resource!

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