Canadian Institute 2024 - “Eh Eye: Examining Canadian Artificial Intelligence in K-12 Education”


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Greetings, Apple Community! 

I am thrilled to introduce a new initiative, "Eh Eye: Examining Canadian Artificial Intelligence in K-12 Education." This project aims to explore the transformative impact of AI solutions, such as Apple Intelligence, Microsoft Copilot, Magic School AI, and ChatGPT, on our schools and communities.

Our education landscape is rapidly evolving with the integration of advanced technologies, and AI stands at the forefront of this change. Through "Eh Eye," we will explore how these AI tools are reshaping teaching methodologies, enhancing learning experiences, and fostering a more inclusive and efficient educational environment.

As part of this endeavour, I will regularly post updates, insights, and findings in this forum. These posts will cover a range of topics, including:

Case Studies: Real-world examples of AI implementation in Canadian classrooms.

Teacher Testimonials: First-hand accounts from educators on the benefits and challenges of using AI.

Student Experiences: How AI is enhancing student engagement and learning outcomes.

Community Impact: The broader effects of AI on school communities and beyond.

Tech Tips: Practical advice on integrating AI tools into your teaching practices.

I invite all Apple Teachers and Apple Distinguished Educators to join me on this journey. Your feedback, experiences, and insights will be invaluable as we collectively navigate the exciting frontier of AI in education.

Stay tuned for our first update, and let's explore the future of education together!

Warm regards,

Ben Kelly

New Brunswick, Canada


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