Creating a Staff Keynote Theme in the Theme Chooser

Why Keynote? 

At Corpus Christi College we constantly seek to find ways that can help teachers integrate and redefine learning. Using Keynote was an obvious choice. With Keynote’s latest features including: Live Camera, Mark Up and the ability to use your iPad to live demo into your Mac, teachers have by far the best tool to present and interact in the classroom.

Why Create a Template?

The idea came whilst thinking how to create an outstanding lesson plan for teachers. At Corpus Christi College, all teachers have an opportunity engage in peer-learning to develop practice. I wanted staff to be able to have something that would work for all types of learning and subjects. I also wanted to produce a resource that had enough structure to develop meta-cognition and clarity in the learning journey. A template was sensible, as I could create direction to good practice whilst allowing for choice and flexibility in the way that the template could be used, catering for the brand range of subjects across our primary and secondary campus.

Utilising the ‘Edit Slide Layout’ function I was able to draft and develop a structured Keynote for all lessons. Further to this, with the ability use ‘collaborate’ and share the document, I was able to finalise the design process with various stakeholders before role-out. By adding comments in the Layout Editor I was able to instruct staff on helpful tips in how they could use each of the slides created for them.

What has been the benefits for staff?

With the development of our digital teams our top level integrators (Pioneers), we where able to help develop a training day to staff on how to access the various features of Keynote to give time for staff in-bed into their subject. The template was essential in leveraging their integration so that they did not have to rely on starting from scratch. At a school wide level we could command a similar design language across the school, offering an opportunity for student to focus on learning rather than having to negotiate varied designs across the College.

The results so far staff have been very positive. In delivering a recent PL I have been able to explore some of the higher aspects of Keynote like creating an interactive task sheet. We have also been able to demonstrate how with Live Video you can create a great way for students to evaluate work. Teachers enjoy the fact the heavy lifting is done for them in terms of design so that they can focus on the delivery and teaching the content. But the real benefit is that, whilst making life easier for staff, creating a template this way has inspired staff to learn more about what Keynote can offer.


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Posted on August 29, 2022

James! I can't agree more. Excellent template! I have learned that students appreciate consistency and a common introduction provides solid expectations.

(In a round about way, the sound of my Mac start up tone is much like the salivating dog in Pavlov's investigation - we like to know what will be provided. LOL)

Posted on September 04, 2022

Thank you Gary2787

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