Fitness + EDU Community = Better Self

We all know the importance of exercise in our lives. As educators, we do our best to make time for ourselves, but often our work gets in the way. When push comes to shove, the time required to take care of ourselves is a lower priority.

Unfortunately, when we don't put our self care first, we aren’t the best version of ourselves. Fitness isn’t only physical - it is mental. Exercise gives us time to think, releases endorphins, and energizes our bodies.

A group of superintendents has been using our Apple Watches and Fitness + to compete, motivate each other, and hold ourselves accountable. For several years, we have shared our fitness data and checked-in on each other. As a community, we’ve set clearly personal goals, support each other, and hold each other accountable.

Matt Miller (Lakota Local Schools, Ohio), Jonathan Cooper (Mason City Schools, Ohio), and Matt Montgomery (Lake Forest School Districts 67 & 115, Illinois) all share in a group.

I was on a plane heading to a conference in Arizona in November. I had a 6:00 AM flight, so I called ahead to make sure I could use the fitness center at the hotel in Scottsdale. The Southwest flight had Wi-Fi, and around 7:00 AM I got a text from one of the guys in the group.

“Are you OK?”

“Yes, why?”

“You always close your circles before 7:00 AM.” Now that is friendship and accountability.

I used to run marathons, but my legs can’t handle running every day in my 50’s. I took swimming lessons and am now part of the Masters Swim Program at our local Lifetime Fitness. My swim practice is 5:30 AM four times per week. On alternate days, I still get in my runs, spinning, and resistance training with stretching. I’ve closed all three fitness rings for 2060 consecutive days and counting. My goal is to catch Cal Ripken with 2,632 consecutive days.

Our Apple EDU Community isn’t limited to sharing educational and instructional ideas. We support and push each other in all areas of our lives. Each of us must be intentional in our behavior; we must commit to being at our best for the students we serve. We partner with Apple to use the available technology to make our lives better. We integrate technology to improve all aspects of our lives. When we are healthy, in mind and body, not only are we better educators, but we are better partners, parents, friends, and colleagues.

Join me on this journey and invite others to join you. Be an active member of a growing community of innovative, intentional, and motivated educators all working to make a positive difference.

John Marschhausen, Ph.D., is the Superintendent of the Dublin City School District in suburban Columbus, Ohio. John has been a superintendent since 2005 and active in the Apple Education Community since 2008.

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Posted on August 27, 2022

This is a really interesting post. I have thoroughly enjoyed fitness activities we have done during Festival of Learning over the years and couldn't close my rings without the support of friends.

It is difficult to do it alone but teams can motivate and it is good for us and good for our teaching community and students.

Posted on August 30, 2022

I love this use of fitness and connect in the profession. Have you seen @TeachersRunClub on Twitter and Instagram? Starting in September are weekly HiiT sessions online too.

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