New School Routines

The pandemic certainly brought many challenges for us in education but one of the hardest as a new librarian was how do I share new routines with learners and families. Being a bigger school of 1000 students, it was also a struggle we were having as a larger community. There is always so much information coming our way no matter if you are a teacher, kid or family at this time of year. I knew I needed to keep it short and sweet. At the time, short vertical video was blowing up on social media so it seemed like an awesome creative outlet. I loved how it forced me to really be succinct and communicate quickly, clearly and creatively. We started with creative clips on our masking policies, cleaning devices and more but they have continued to be a go to strategy for sharing routines in the LLC and around the school as well as building community engagement.


My process for creating a routine clip:

Everyone's creative process is different, but here are some of mine.

  • First, I try to think of essential parts of the routine and where learners might currently struggle (e.g., dropping off books in the bin). What do I want to emphasize?
  • Then it's time to collect what we need for the clip. I want it ready to go before filming so I can quickly grab it.
  • The magic to the clip above is that the camera and I were in the same spot. I'll mark the ground, so I know where to stand if I have to move, and my iPad/iPhone will be on a stand or tripod.
  • I try to record the whole movement (e.g., jump up and down) so I can trim the clips to just the right spot when editing in iMovie. 
  • The bonus with iMovie is I can share the clip on our library site, via email to staff, and/or on social media for families


A screenshot of iMovie highlighting editing the transition
iMovie really allows me to align the transitions, trimming the clips to just the right spot.


  • Curate INSPO. I have a collection on social media of my favourite transitions I’d like to try out or incorporate into future clips. 


A screenshot of the photo album Back to School with the unedited clips.
Dropping the clips in an album allows me to quickly find what I need while editing.

I’m so excited to involve more learners in creating our routine videos this year. We are also looking at exploring a series of school community challenges this year where I am sure we will tap in to creative editing effects again.

Learn how using the Everyone Can Create Project ‘Creative Editing Effects’.

How do you share new routines with your community?

Learn how, and explore more Everyone Can Create Projects >

An image of an illustrated student with an iPad showing their work to their teacher.

2 replies

August 13, 2023

This is a great solution for creating a library of clips that can be useful year-over-year. I also love that you incorporated a jump cut in your posted video; such editing can get kids thinking about how to creatively tell a story, communicate a message, and capture an audience!

August 14, 2023

Tina - first congrats on being a new librarian. Such an important and essential role in a school! Love the Clips idea for communicating, thanks for the idea and the steps!

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