App Dev in Swift Playgrounds - let's code together!

Did you know that you can use Swift Playgrounds to code an app? It’s super user friendly, authentic and a fabulous pathway for our learner coders.

The code I am showing is an easy entry level for learners. The completed app is a simple tap and play sound project. We used it in a German class as a way to learn the names of the different animals. The code is written that tapping an animal image prompts an audio to play of the animal name in German. It was super cool to see our learners jump straight into Swift, learning and using code authentically.


Image of app with animal icons

The lesson was a great introduction for our Year 3 students to coding in Swift. Each student followed the code along on their iPad, it was exciting to see students problem solving, using the code suggestions and working hard to ensure accuracy - or the app just won't work! The apps were individualised by students inputting their own content using the camera or Voice Memos for the audio.

(tip - when embedding images direct from the camera roll for some glitchy reason they enter upside down - to get around this open the pic, edit it slightly then close the pic - it will then be the right way round).

The next step is for students to apply the skills learnt building these apps to prototype, code and develop their own apps in Swift on the iPad - then it’s straight to the App Store!


Swift playgrounds screenshot showing code for ‘Animazing’ app.

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August 28, 2022

Love using Swift in my Year 6 classes. Excited to learn more here.

August 29, 2022

Thanks for the great post, Stephanie! I love that you're giving your students authentic experiences with coding apps.

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