Developing and Sustaining a Culture of Coaching

Berwyn South District 100 strives to inspire a passion for learning in every child who walks through our school halls.  Over the years, we have been committed to continuous growth through instructional coaching as we partner with our Apple Executive Specialist who supports not only our twenty instructional coaches, but also our principals and district administrators.  

 As a unified team, we have embraced a culture of coaching in order to achieve our building and district goals. District and school administrators work in collaboration with our literacy, biliteracy, math, and instructional coaches to elevate the learning process through the use of Apple products.  We have strengthened our understanding of the important role a coach plays as a partner in the classroom and throughout the planning process and have expanded opportunities for both teachers and administrators to invest in personalized professional growth through access to coaches.

 We have specifically implemented a model in which teachers partner with their coaches to identify their content standards or a challenge they might be having in the classroom with the content, and then design a learning experience with Apple tools to enhance their understanding and implementation of Apple’s Elements of Learning within the learning experience.  For example, students in fourth grade created their own virtual protractor and took pictures to measure the angles of various objects around their school in order to identify acute, obtuse, and right angles.  We also engaged with several grade levels this year with podcasting.  Students have worked together to design their script and create a podcast that discusses the transformation of the characters they are reading about as they analyze the text selection.  We are embarking on our second year with this large scale co-coaching experience at all eight of our schools.  By the end of this year, each grade level teacher will have had a mini coaching session with our instructional coaching team.

 This experience has opened many doors of exploration and creativity for both our students and teachers and allowed our coaches to strengthen their relationships within their buildings.  It has become a true partnership where every individual is learning from one another.  The template provides you with an inside look to our process for planning the learning experiences.


2 replies

September 13, 2022

Thanks for sharing. Has your school explore ALC? May be a great next step.

September 14, 2022

Hi! Are you speaking about Apple Learning Coach? Yes, we have several coaches that are now Apple Certified Learning Coaches (1/4 of our entire crew). We are so excited for them!

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