Process of using the ipad in new ways

Part of the program I am involved in at Elk Grove High School is working with an apple consultant to work on utilizing the iPad in new ways. I have a lot of experience using the iPad in class, but I was looking for ways to try out new apps in my class.

The first class that I was observed in I chose to utilize the Apple Classroom app and used the time while our Apple consultant, Jim Harmon, to get my students set up in the app. Since doing that I have occasionally used it to monitor what my students are doing in class, but also to send out links and files to my students directly.

In between observations I have tried out keynote, and numbers. In my mind I can see myself creating complex study guides in Numbers, and i did like the functionality of keynote for showing videos and writing on the slides while the video was playing.

Yesterday Jim came to my class to watch my students work on a group project using Canva focusing on civilizations prior to European exploration. While things could always go better and using the iPad is intimidating to some, I can't really see myself not using it in class.

What I am working on next is an interactive map activity where students will research different individuals and events through links that I have set up. I attached my first attempt at creating this here, and I have an idea of what I want, but this is a very early idea that I haven't necessarily had time to develop. I am open to continuing to explore the different features I can use in class with the iPad, and I will occasionally update my progress here.

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Posted on October 20, 2022

Great process Jason - step by step! I’m looking forward to your future posts. Also wonderful social studies ideas! I love when I tapped on the the Map of the Alamo in your Pages download that up popped Apple Maps with the Alamo! (included a screen shot below of your nice surprise). Apple Maps is one of my favorite apps to use in lessons.

Also letting you know there is a Social Studies “bucket” in this Network. I like that you Tagged with #Social Studies. You can also put your Social Studies ideas here:


Apple Maps - The Alamo
Screen shot of Apple Maps - The Alamo

Posted on October 22, 2022

Great that you have set the goal of using and integrating the iPad further. Apple classroom is such a great tool. I like to put it back on the students and get them to talk to me about their learning using the data. Can they identify when they were on and off task? And why?

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