"There's No Place Like School!"

Students tell us why....from our research over 30 years ago, and their story still stands. Students are in charge of their own learning plans: goals, achievements and help needed. It Works!

ProfTK0717 Posted on November 07, 2022

"I truly appreciate the opportunity to tell the story of the St. Paul Schools Saturn School of Tomorrow, 1987 - 1998. President George H. W. Bush visited Saturn School back in 1991 and extolled the unique educational program there: each student created their own Personal Learning Plan."

They created that plan and took responsibility to master the skills cited there. They then showed and shared what they mastered with their parents and advisor. They echoed the words on our video, "There's no place like school." And so it was.


For "Education Week" 2019 Saturn School Story.rtfd.zip, See below!


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