You Matter Moments

The health and well-being of our D.C. Everest students and staff remain a top priority and we are working diligently to expand conversations around wellness and engage our students, families, staff, and community in those conversations.  Expanding from our Mental Wellness Day from the 2021-2022 school year we will have a YOU MATTER moment during every quarter! 

We recognize that when our students have a sense of belonging at school — and, importantly, at least one positive relationship or connection with someone at school — it can play an important role in their success.  Our goal is to help students realize how much they matter within their school community and how important they are to our broader community. We also will help them identify someone they feel they can connect with at school and whom they can turn to for support.

This school year we have created a Wellness Course at each of our secondary schools. Students, Parents / Guardians, and staff are enrolled in the courses. In this space, we focus on health literacy and You Matter Moments in an effort to educate and build a healthier society for all stakeholders. The intention is to help create a space where everyone has access to school and community wellness resources, the time to engage, and knowledge on how to practice physical and mental well-being. To begin the journey of making lasting social change, we’ve adopted the Apple "Help Shape A Healthier Society" Challenge so we can help shape a healthier society by exploring mind, body, and health literacy.

Wellness Course Image
Wellness Course Image

Below is a student lead, student voice, YOU MATTER message by students of DCE Middle, Junior, and Senior High. (Permission has been granted by all parties to share this video.) 

Follow @DCEverestSchool #EverestPride to learn more about how our students are bringing their wellness practices into our community.

6 replies

December 15, 2022

What a beautiful student-created video to document this work in your district! Thanks for sharing!

December 18, 2022

Very powerful! This has me thinking about new ways to give student voice. Thanks for sharing.

January 01, 2023

Thank you, Laurie!

January 01, 2023

Thank you, Jessica! The students have taken great pride in creating this video and focusing on wellness this school year through weekly health literacy and "You Matter Moments".

January 02, 2023

Yes, beautiful video with a great message! This is a program schools can all emulate. You Matter is such a great theme to weave throughout learning. Thanks for sharing!

January 03, 2023

Love it! In such a challenging time, a focus on positive and mental wellness is critical.

It would be interesting if you could track year over over the wellness of students. Thank you for sharing!

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