#ChallengeforChange in 2023

The new year has a way of causing us to reflect and set goals for ourselves. As we kick off 2023, we are hoping that you will join us in Apple’s #ChallengeforChange. Each week in the month of January we will focus on a different topic of wellness and will include four optional challenges. We are hoping you will all join us in these challenges, as well as share them with your friends, coworks, schools, classrooms, etc. We are planning on going LIVE starting January 2nd with our first week of Challenges posted. We will have a different focus for each week throughout the month. See schedule below. Please share your success for each challenge by posting with the hashtags #ChallengeforChange #AppleEduChat.


This week we challenge you to focus on the good and be positive. Choose one of the challenges and share your success.
January 1-7, 2023; Practice the Positive
This week we challenge you to move and increase your activity. Choose a challenge to complete and share your successes.
January 8-14, 2023; Increase Your Activity
This week we challenge you to pay it forward and so something to help someone. Choose a challenge and share your successes.
January 15-21, 2023; Pay it Forward
This week we challenge you to use different strategies to manage your stress. Choose a challenge and share your successes.
January 22-28, 2023; Manage Your Stress

For additional details regarding #ChallengeforChange and the complete Health Challenges Guide, click HERE

Looking to kicking off 2023 with some Wellness Challenges! Join us!

Jodie Deinhammer, Leah LaCrosse, Melissa Piette, Tammy Trzebiatowski, Felecity Treptow

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January 03, 2023

Schools are working to expand conversations around wellness and engage students, families, staff, and the community in those conversations. We are excited to learn how you will embrace the #ChallengeForChange in 2023! Learn how we have incorporated the #ChallengeForChange in our school district. "You Matter Moments"

January 05, 2023

This sounds like a great initiative! Is it possible to get a higher-resolution graphic? I can't quite read the smaller print.

January 06, 2023


This links you to the Apple Education Community with some additional resources for this challenge. Check it out.


January 06, 2023

You can download the Activity Guide here with the challenges outlined. See page 5 for this week’s challenge on Practice the Positive.

January 06, 2023

#ChallengeforChange #AppleEDU We walk every morning so I tried the week one Challenge “Practice the Positive - Try a Smile” as we passed other walkers. I got many responses such as this which was captured on my Voice Memo, added to an iMovie still shot and then posted to Instagram. Certainly made the rainy California day brighter!

Students will notice how smiling works wonders (and so does being outside!). These are helpful challenges to try yourself to “pump up your educator wellness” or with your students.


January 16, 2023

The Challenge for this week Pay it Forward January 15-21 is perfect for the Martin Luther King Day of Service! Thank you! Learners might choose Give Back for a wonderful community experience.

I like the quote you included and thought of a Keynote activity based on the art of Amos Paul Kennedy Jr. (so art teachers might want to jump into this). Once learners study this art, they can choose an inspirational quote that encourages thankfulness, kindness or giving back and layer the words using different size fonts, colors and opacity to make posters. It is simple but can convey a strong message. Here is an example with the MLKing quote you included: 

Martin Luther King quote

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