Leveraging Apple Apps in the Classroom

I used to think that using (or even learning to use) Apple apps, like Keynote and Numbers, was not beneficial to my practice as we have integrated Google so heavily in the “sharing” space. Now, I think that much can be done with Apple tools in D211. Through demonstration and modeling, Numbers can be used in every subject to benefit the organization and flow for an assignment or project. Looking at Numbers through an EL teacher’s lens, I think the tabs and blank spaces can organize the four domains to create well-rounded assignments that easily connect the assignment to reading, writing, listening, and thinking. In order to best leverage our district provided device, we must be more diligent in giving time to teachers to explore and learn about what the iPad and Apple apps have to offer. If the task feels overwhelmingly impossible, teachers will not be eager to learn and grow. Providing accessibility to the features, TIME, and offering help through instructional coaching cycles might get some to jump on the bandwagon and give our students MORE opportunities to express what they know. Additionally, we cannot assume that teachers remember and know everything that the iPad has to offer. Consistent training is of the utmost importance for this to be used in our classrooms.

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