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Hi all! For so many years I've been resistant, maybe afraid of Keynote. Little by little I have learned how powerful and easy it can be once I gave myself time and purpose. Now, I LOVE Keynote for everything. I love the other apps too but Keynote is a rock star. Check out this coaching philosophy I made during Apple Learning Coach Unit 5. Shout out to Ronit Shapiro at Apple for being a source of inspiration and support.


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September 12, 2023

Very nice! Simple but powerful and makes the point well. I love your use of shapes, line draw and animation! I couldn’t agree more about Keynote. It’s my “go to” tool.

October 11, 2023

Hi there,

It was out of interest and need that your post caught my eye. In my role as an elementary school library media specialist, I have found the basic features of Keynote fuse together to create short stylish videos for announcing school library news or posting "how tos." But, your video combined many elevated animations with drawing tools that I simply MUST learn about! Taking the next steps and learning more sophisticated editing tools is a treat, no arm-twisting here!

Your post highlights using the video for the purpose of coaching which is a growth area for me... a NEED. With my eyes closed, I listened to your message a few times. Your pitch to step out of your comfort zone answers why the native Apple tools should be integrated into learning. Well done!

Could you give me advice on what happens next? In real-time, after you have previewed the video with your peers [teachers], do you collect feedback or let the group discuss current strengths/growth areas? Or, do you guide the group in creating a sample? For me, this is where I get awkward, ha! I would love your suggestions.

Thanks for posting!

November 20, 2023

For me, the next steps were continuing to create. As the math specialist at a k-5 building, I developed an opportunity for each class to sign up for a time slot to come play to a tech playground names, Math WEEK. Each station available is an opportunity to create. I've decided I'm not going to try to convince people about Apple native apps and creation, I'm just going to live it and show them what happens. Teaming up with our librarian was everything. She is our tech teacher leader and together we designed and dreamed. Shout out Tara LaCerra!!

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