Day 4: 12 Days of Creativity 2023

Day 4️⃣ is here! This year's theme is "Greatest Hits", so check out past Day 4 activities from Volumes 1 - 4 and choose your personal favorite. Complete the project, and drop it into your "Volume 5: Greatest Hits" workbook. We'd love to see your projects shared here, or over on X using #12DaysofCreativity, and we want to know: which one is your favorite?

Volume 1 - 2019: Keynote - Shake Up Snow Globe (Resources)

Volume 2 - 2020: GarageBand - Holiday Loops (Resources)

Volume 3 - 2021: Keynote - Holiday Quilt (Resources)

Volume 4 - 2022: Keynote - Game Time (Resources)

*Resources shared are original versions. Some instructions may reflect past app user interfaces.

I love how day 4 highlights the flexibility of Keynote - 3 activities that leverage animation in completely different ways - and a GarageBand project that's fun for experienced users and gives newbies the scaffolding to get started.

Have fun creating! 

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Posted on December 07, 2023

Hi Morgan - such fun choices!

For this day, I’m reaching back to a previous post of mine that I was reminded of by your Volume 3 quilting activity. I had done a Keynote quilt for Black History Month as a part of a Challenged Based Learning Activity and posted in the Community. Quilting for any holiday or commemoration is an interesting and creative activity!

Hope it’s okay to reach back to former posts 😊


Posted on December 08, 2023

I love that connection to another way to use a similar project! Thanks so much for sharing ❤️

Posted on December 20, 2023

This was awesome! Thanks so much for sharing. Here’s how I stole your idea and created a tutorial and template to use with my middle schoolers.



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