Practice Sequencing with Stop Motion Video using the iMotion App

Creating to show what you know is so much more engaging then just completing a worksheet. Using the iMotion App, these first graders were able to share how the animals in "The Mitten" by Jan Brett moved through the story into a mitten.

After reading and discussing the story in class, students colored and cut out the animal characters from the story. They worked in teams to show the sequence of the animals as they entered the mitten using pieces from each students' work to be a part of their video project.


With 20 students in the class working in teams of 4 to complete their videos, I set up 5 stations around the room with premade backgrounds and iPad tripods.


One student was chosen to be the photographer while the other 3 worked to move the animals along the background and into the mitten. They discussed how many photos they would need to get the animals into the mitten as they worked through this amazingly intuitive app.


Once all the images were taken, students could watch their video back and adjust how fast or slow they wanted to the pictures to show. We were able to share the video on the Apple TV in the room so that everyone could cheer for the completed group projects. Here's one example of how they turned out! 

I'm really impressed with how easily the iMotion App was for these first graders to create and publish their stop motion videos. I look forward to exploring more ways to help them share their learning with creating in the future.

Call to Action: Not all of my classes have access to iPads, so I'm looking for suggestions for creating stop motion videos with my classes that use Apple McBook Laptops. Please leave your ideas in the comments. I look forward to learning with you!

Have a great day!

Heidi (@swampfrogfirst)


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Posted on December 26, 2023

Heidi - so cute and clever! What a good way to extend a story activity as well as encourage reading and student creation. Your learners did a great job with the stop motion!

And now I want to read the book!

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