Keynote Guided Writing for Early Learners

I love teaching writing to my Kindergarten and First Grade Multilingual Learners and these Keynote guided writing practices have become part of our daily routine. Writing is a challenging language domains for my students and using these digital prompts engages and motivates them in creating pencil to paper writing samples to build strong foundational writing skills. Keynote's animations and transitions guide students in writing sentences and self assessment. First students see the Keynote slide with a picture and words scrambled around it on the digital clipboard. Students are instructed to first count the words they see and draw lines on their paper. Then they use their reading strategies to read and write the words in the correct order on their paper. Once they finish their writing I enable the transitions to begin and the words "magically" move onto the digital writing lines in the correct order. Students are then able to self assess their work and make any necessary changes.


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