Challenge: Write to Change the World!

Persuasive writing skills can be connected to purposeful experiences through the process of Challenge Based Learning. Students choose topics that personally matter to them and create written solutions to change people’s perceptions, thereby using their writing to “change the world.” Students not only develop persuasive writing and speaking skills, but also develop important skills in teamwork, initiative, and innovative thinking. Most importantly, students are transformed into activists doing meaningful work that carries on long after the last exam is scored. 

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Big Idea: Persuasive Writing

Essential Question: How can the written word change the world for the better?

Challenge: Write to Change the World!

Guiding Questions:

  • What issues are people in my community experiencing?
  • What are the elements of a compelling persuasive argument?
  • How do bias and assumptions negatively affect my community’s current beliefs?

Guiding Activities and Resources:

  • Conduct a survey and analyze the results to determine community members’ current perceptions on an issue.
  • View inspirational speeches and deconstruct as writing models.
  • Analyze 'letters to the editor' in local newspaper and compose submissions based on personal topics.

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