Challenge: Mobilize others to help the environment

Environmental issues directly impact peoples' lives on a daily basis globally. Issues such as water pollution, air pollution, carbon emissions, energy, deforestation, over population, food waste, and depletion of natural resources all contribute to quality of life. This Challenge encourages learners to explore environmental issues in their community and work towards implementing an innovative solution with lasting impact. Remember, even the smallest change contributes to global impact.


Text: "Mobilize others to help the environment" on a green background with environmental symbols surrounding it.

Big Idea: Environment

Essential Question: How can you make a personal change that impacts the environment and influences others to do same?

Challenge: Mobilize others to help the environment

Guiding Questions:

  • What environmental issues are we facing in our community?
  • How do environmental issues impacts our everyday lives?
  • What organizations in our community are already doing something to help?

Guiding Activities and Resources:

  • Attend a city council meeting to learn about current issues with the environment.
  • Meet with and interview a local organization focused on environmental issues.
  • Visit and review the Environmental Progress report.

Get Started:

  • Download the attached Challenge Organizer to implement this Challenge with your community of learners. Make sure to visit Challenge Based Learning to download additional resources. 


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