Challenge: Improve your use of water

Water is essential for our health and the environment. Water keeps us alive, helps in daily tasks, and supports ecosystems. Using water wisely at home, in our schools, and in our communities is crucial. Are there ways where we can be more mindful of our water use? Investigate how your water usage can be improved, and put into practice solutions for a healthier, more sustainable future for people and our planet!

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Big Idea: Sustainability - Water

Essential Question: How does my water consumption impact my world?

Challenge: Improve your home, school, or community use of water.

Guiding Questions:

  • In what ways do we use water?
  • How much water do we use each day?
  • How can water be conserved?

Guiding Activities and Resources:

  • Research how much water is used in your household and track in Numbers. Access the U.S. Geological Survey web-based water calculator for an overview of water use.
  • Determine how much water your family uses with the H2O Calculator available from the National Wildlife Federation.
  • Use the Surf Your Watershed EPA site and locate your community’s watershed. Then use the data in the site to identify local groups or experts to interview about the watershed.
  • Interview leaders of a local community water board to learn how they're encouraging conservation in the community.

Get Started:

  • Download the attached Challenge Organizer to implement this Challenge with your community of learners. Make sure to visit Challenge Based Learning to learn more and download additional resources. 


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