Challenge: Solve a community problem through app design

Calling young change makers: Harness your creativity and tech-savvy skills to design apps that tackle real community challenges – your ideas have the power to make a lasting impact and shape a better future for us all. Embrace the opportunity to be the architects of positive change through innovation and teamwork; let your apps be the solutions that transform the world around you!


Text "Solve a community problem through app design" positioned on top of a dark background with shapes of a blue cityscape.

Big Idea: Community and Coding

Essential Question: How can you use app design to solve challenges in your community?

Challenge: Solve a community problem through app design.

Guiding Questions:

  • What issues currently exist for people in your community? Where is there an opportunity for an app to help?
  • What activities would users of your app wish to do?
  • What apps currently exist that are similar to your idea? How might you improve upon existing functionality?
  • How will this app be welcoming to a wide variety of users?
  • Where could you go to get additional support from others in your community?

Guiding Activities and Resources:

Get Started:

  • Download the attached Challenge Organizer to implement this Challenge with your community of learners. Make sure to visit Challenge Based Learning to learn more and download additional resources. 


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