Challenge: Help someone find their voice

“Communication is a crucial part of what makes us human."

Is there someone who is withdrawn, quiet, and perhaps hesitant to share ideas? Do you know someone who has communication struggles? Built-in accessibility tools on Mac, iPad, and iPhone can open a world of communication for even the most hidden voice. Personal voice is one of those powerful features. Learn more about this tool, connect to those who can benefit from it, and explore additional ways technology can unlock someone's voice and allow it to be heard.


Icons of two humans with communication bubbles around them with the text "Help someone find their voice."

Big Idea: Human communication

Essential Question: How might we support non-speakers, or those at risk of speech loss, with built in tools on iPad?

Challenge: Help someone find their voice

Guiding Questions:

  • Who is someone who struggles to speak up and share their own voice? What gets in the way of them using their voice to communicate?
  • What are ways that built-in accessibility features can help amplify someone's communication?
  • How can we tell stories in a wide range of modalities and mediums?

Guiding Activities and Resources:

Get Started:

  • Download the attached Challenge Organizer to implement this Challenge with your community of learners. Make sure to visit Challenge Based Learning to learn more and download additional resources. 


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