Sparks of Creativity: A Creative Mindset Imaginarium (One Best Thing)

As educators, it is essential we prepare our learners for an ever-evolving world, one that requires adaptability, innovation, and empathy. To build thought leaders and change-makers for an unknown tomorrow, learners need time, space, and opportunity to develop confidence, tenacity, and communication in complex thinking and creative problem-solving. As many have predicted, as we look ahead 5, 10, 15 years, many jobs are yet to be created. With the world changing fast with digital tools, platforms, and AI, it is even more important we cultivate what is distinctly human. What makes us human? SO MUCH! But for this story, we focus on a human's ability to cultivate a creative mindset. A creative mindset is a way of thinking that enables individuals to approach problems and situations with an open and imaginative perspective. It can be used in any field from science and technology to education and business. Sparks of Creativity is a collection of learning experiences designed to help learners grow and develop their unique creative mindset!

Each exercise is rooted in a combination of nine different aspects of a creative mindset:

A few examples:


Download and use as is or remix as needed. Created in Apple Pages, this book offers opportunities for learners to explore the Apple Ecosystem -- animate in Keynote, visual storytelling with Camera, create in Clips, record in Garage Band -- choosing a medium to express one's ideas, thinking, and originality is a future-proof skill. Attached is also a PDF version. Just in case you might want it :).

What are some ways you are cultivating a creative mindset with your students? Please share your ideas in the comments!



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