Preparing Learners Back to School


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The beginning of any term is always a shift for learners. ( With the phrase learners I am referring to teachers, parents and students). Between planning and preparing for learning, there can be a wide scope of what seem endless tasks that need to be completed immediately. This post is designed to streamline a little of that organisation in way that helps link tasks and smooths out preparing for the beginning of term. 

A useful tool, available across the Apple eco-system, is Focus.  Focus is a feature that helps you concentrate on tasks by minimising distractions. When you want to concentrate on a specific activity, you can customise one the focus options, for example work personal or sleep or create custom focus. 




With the Files app on iPad there are many ways that you can help learners organise their work. A really great way of organising timetables and subject is to get learners to create their own set of folders and favourite this in the favourites bar, so that they can save their work and access it later. Saving all learners time in trying to find their work from last week. Additionally it's possible to save work into most cloud or network drives directly in the Files app.



Finally, after a busy day of learning it can be difficult to shift into being at home or arriving into a different space. There are many traditions across the globe that use music to help create a connected space. With Shortcuts and Automation with the Home App you can create an environment provoking a particular mind set.


Creating a connected space is different for everyone. For example Andy Warhol famously insisted on creating a wall of chatter with multiple tv’s and radios as part of his creative process. It's good to experiment with different types of music for different activities. As you get use to Shortcuts you will find it easy to design Automations framed around your own person preferences. 


Enjoy exploring more by connecting to this guide available in the Bookstore.


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Posted on January 22, 2024

Wonderful selection of tools and instructions! Each has such potential for helping students/teachers be successful in their learning. Thank you.

Posted on January 22, 2024

I really like the idea of using focus to help with my own productivity, but also teaching my students how to use it to be more productive themselves. A great tool to teach them early in the year!

Posted on February 01, 2024

Thank you for highlighting how important it is for us to teach our students how to manage their digital lives. We tend to assume that students know these things but they don't. I really like how you given the reasons for why they might use these tools. Classes specific to computers or technology seem to be becoming a thing of the past. Skills like these should be embedded in their core courses for a more meaningful, relevant impact.

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