Digital Literacy - Building Capacity

At Te Akau ki Pāpāmoa we value building digital capacity and literacy of all our staff.

Richard offers Digi Bites during different lunch time sessions to build teacher capacity in the education community page and their own iPad skills.

Richard, Alex and myself work alongside our teacher aides during different assembly / school hui time slots where by they are given relevant new skills that will help them work with the students they are timetabled to work with each day. This also enables the iPad they are given to be a tool for learning a development of resources for our kids.

Dorothea runs maths sessions during lunch times for teachers to build capacity in mathematics and in use of technology to help the delivery of maths reach success for all.

Teachers are encouraged to gain Apple Teacher and are supporter through this process.

Student teachers that come in for practicums from local universities are also provided with the opportunity to learn digital literacy and competency to build their capacity.

Our staff meetings will often have an element of showcasing amazing work that is happening in classes and teachers who can talk to the success they have had and why. This enables vision for other staff and to ask questions around how they could implement with different age groups and learning areas.

Building capacity is one of the biggest ways to ensure growth and limitless opportunities for our kids. We want teachers to see the opportunities are wide and extended and often just knowing simple in and outs can enable students to learn and delve into the rest.

Our goal; is to build bigger capacity locally with our schools that are within our Kahui Ako to see how digital technology can be used within our localised curriculum and open doors. We also want to see the pathway when they leave us as one that they can continue their skill set in digital literacy.

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