Photo Safari Suggestions

Suggestions for designing high quality photo safari lessons…especially for older (HS and College) students? I was looking for some guidelines or principles or ways to give students a bit of a focus or a framework. It’s for a unit on digital storytelling and creating one-photo stories.

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August 27, 2022

We use the theme of community and environment for ours (high school age). Students go for walks around the local community and capture what makes it 'home' this might be a picture of a grandparent, a picture of a local small shop etc. Then students have to make 1-3 photos.

Another thing I did previously with slightly older learners was to give them a checklist. They had to find certain items like '6 clocks', 'the number 8', 'a reflection' etc. Students were always really positive with their feedback on this and said it made them look at their communities in a different way.

August 27, 2022

We also used six word stories when capturing lighting and angles. These are two examples of how they were used.


Image of various angles of a building including a door, roof, walls with the caption Creativity lives behind those blue doors


Photo of a glass building and sunlight with the caption Morning sunlight in the glass building.

August 31, 2022

I love the six word story idea, Miriam!

What if you had a uniform set of photos students needed to take and then had them focus on different features or elements in subsequent shots? For example, you could have students search for a sign, a piece of furniture, and an animal. They might have to find those 3 objects and take them at a high angle, a low angle, find them all with the color blue, etc.

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