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I am not an expert in Apple School Manager...

I am trying to go in and clean up data, our data does not automatically sync from our SIS (we have too much bad data). So all user accounts are added manually.

The question I have, is that we assigned grade levels to each student in ASM, is there a way to promote a group to the next grade level, rather than doing it one by one?

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September 01, 2022

Hi Brian,

SIS data curation is definitely a good idea and makes this process automatic as part of the overall student/class progression, however, unless you can get the data cleaned up, I understand the ask.

Unfortunately, at this point, the optional fields like grade level cannot be edited in bulk. I would recommend that you submit feedback using Feedback app (logged in with a MAID from your organization) in order to ensure that our product teams have visibility to this as a future feature request. (Note you can launch FBA via applefeedback:// from Safari.)

Thanks for your participation in the EDU Community Forum!

September 03, 2022

Thank you.

I have a friend in another district that is able to sync with their SIS and it is wonderful. He worked with me for a few weeks trying to get ours worked out. My hope is our district moves to a new SIS in the near future and we get to clean up that data before it moves over.

I will send it in as a feature request.

September 04, 2022

Hey Brian

go to preferences navigate to directory sync

under sftp>>edit>>download

edit the csv files for your students (you can create macros to automate)


September 23, 2022

Woof. You might consider SFTP uploads. Our school has done SIS integration (syncing daily) and more recently SFTP uploads (manual upload at the start of each semester or year).

I agree with you that a bulk edit would be great. Or a promotion tool for year end.

September 24, 2022

Have you tried setting up the SFTP import on ASM? (See

It is a bit of a faff to set up the 6 different spreadsheets, but it does allow you to add all of the supplementary information like grades, classes etc. Once it's all working fine, that's definitely much quicker than editing lots of accounts in bulk using the website.


October 30, 2022

Unfortunately this maybe doesn't help if you've already added it, but we enter the student's anticipated graduation year for the grade value - which for the vast majority of students doesn't change year-to-year.

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