Coaching Cycle: How Can I Recruit Teachers?

I am an Instructional Technology Consultant for an ESC. We work with several districts. Teachers contacting me would be completely optional even if I were working with specific schools. However, I am not assigned to any schools, so I am in a position where I may need to cold call principals first and then attempt to connect with teachers who have never met me before.

Does anyone have any suggestions for marketing myself and my services to teachers? I feel like teachers are already overwhelmed. I want to show them that I am trying to help lighten the load.

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September 27, 2022

This is a great question! I wonder if you could reach out to principals for contact information for department chairs or grade level team leaders. You might be able to coordinate opportunities to drop by during department/team meetings, just to introduce yourself and share a brief overview of the support and collaboration you can offer from your position. That might help you begin the process of trust and rapport building that can be foundational for effective instructional coaching to happen.

September 29, 2022

How fun to work with multiple districts! I work within three separate buildings in one district. What I have found most helpful is to offer some whole group professional learning opportunities. Right now, I have an Apple Teacher co-hort going in each building. We meet for about 30 minutes during their contract time and work through one app/badge together. The conversations started in these meetings are generating coaching cycles with the teachers that attend.

September 29, 2022

This is a great question, and the posted replies are thoughtful strategies for building relationships and getting a foot in the door. You might also consider asking if the schools have any technology teams or committees that you could work with--those individuals might be great partners for coaching or identifying colleagues who could participate. If you also work with a grade level or department, you can offer availability during planning time for quick planning/reflection meetings that won't take much of their time. Keep the thread updated as you make progress--we love to see success and to keep considering challenges!

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