Managed Apple IDs

I am noticing that students get logged out of iCloud with their managed AppleIDs about once a week. Is that by design? Is there anyway to make it so they are permanently logged in?

What happens is the notification pops up to log in in settings, but students just hit cancel. Is there some setting in Apple School Manger? Or is it something going on with our network?

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October 22, 2022

This is the first time I have heard of this - have you checked your local settings?

January 02, 2023

We have had iPads for a long time in our system, so we have been through several iterations of Apple IDs. We are now on Federated Apple IDs and we primarily use JAMF. I mention this as it is different from Managed Apple IDs, so your reality might be different than our reality. However, we used MAIDs for quite some time.

Either way, yes, from time to time students do get signed out of their Apple IDs. Our experience typically is that the login sticks far longer than you are experiencing -- once signed in, the students tend to stay signed into their Apple ID.

However, there are times when we see Apple ID requiring students to sign in again. This rarely happens in predictable masses, though. And it is usually linked to something bigger, like a lengthy break in use (summer break), a change on Apple's end as far as EULA, an iOS update, or some other major change like this.

I'll note, we also have students who sign into and out of their Apple ID accounts from time to time. They attempt to sign with a personal Apple ID, hoping to gain access to the App Store. By policy in JAMF they cannot access the App Store, but this sometimes puts them into a state where they are in the wrong Apple ID, or they sign back into their Federated Apple ID but do not complete the process properly.

When this does happen, yes, many students (and teachers) tend to click "Ignore" when they get the reminder to sign into the Apple ID. This leaves them in a state where their data is NOT being backed up via iCloud. It also leaves them in a state where the teacher cannot manage the devices with Apple Classroom (the students appear "greyed out" to the teacher). And, of course, they continuously get messages about signing into their Apple ID randomly popping up.

We have not found a way to identify these students in JAMF or Apple School Manager. It would be helpful if we could run a report that would showed which devices are not currently signed into an Apple ID, or even better, not signed into their Federated Apple ID. That would be incredibly valuable for school administrators. If anybody at Apple is monitoring this forum for suggestions, that would be very valuable to school admins.

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