Screen Mirroring

Hello wondering if anyone else has been experiencing screen mirroring issues lately? It is happening in multiple schools in our district. There has not been any changes to the network and the iPads and Apple TVs are up to date. It will initially connect for about 30 seconds and then disconnect.

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November 26, 2022

We’ve have this issue to (Queensland, Australia). It’s only been happening since we updated our iPads to 16.1.1. We just roll with it. It maybe the AppleTV needs updating or we just have to wait for the next iPadOS to be released.

November 28, 2022

We've not seen this, but we also use configuration profile "defer updates" to allow us to test iOS releases in a limited setup - we're still a few weeks from iOS 16.1.1 being pushed to our whole fleet. Will test from our test fleet today if it helps.

Our Apple TVs are 16.1.1 and a range of Apple TV 4K models - mostly 1st generation but a few 2nd and 3rd generation.

I know you advised no major changes, but it's also worth checking if there are devices using Peer-to-Peer to discover the Apple TVs, in which case an examination of interference on 149+1 or 149,80 would help too.

We have intermittently seen tvOS 15 devices mirroring with a "black screen" on the video but audio playing, and this appeared to be interference of the video stream, or it was staff using the Airplay Audio without realising they weren't mirroring.

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