Transforming Teaching & Learning

After the recent tumultuous years (including remote learning, social distancing, and increases in time with devices), how are schools moving to a place where technology is being used to ✨transform✨ teaching and learning instead of only as a substitution? How can we design professional development for teachers and staff to promote this style of teaching and learning?

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April 24, 2023

So, I think this is the biggest challenge schools are facing. There are many experienced teachers who have worked most their lives without newer technologies in their classroom, and there is both a resistance and a fear towards learning it and integrating it into pedagogy. Plus, most teachers are time poor so substitution seems to be commonly used and passed off as successful. I honestly think some feel this is the extent of the value technology adds to classrooms but educated and passionate technology teachers know there is so much more tech offers. Teachers need to recognise the value technology offers us and our students in 21st century - they can be used as a classroom management tool; modern lesson delivery; creative thinking; harnessing student interest and attention; collaboration; enabling students to use real world examples and demonstrate their learning in more exciting ways than simply pen and paper. The SAMR Model helps demonstrate the depth of learning technology can provide . We need passionate teachers to move beyond simple substitution and our schools need a whole-school approach to support teachers working collaboratively on improving their craft with technology. Unfortunately, it seems passionate teachers with a love of pushing themselves to utilise technology to its full potential are few and far between, scattered amongst schools of teachers who do not see the bigger picture as we do. We have 21st century students requiring 21st century skills. Teachers passionate about technology need to continue to do so, forging the way and create our own path, until others are willing to step up and give it a go to. Sadly, this tends to be a lonely affair for some, without urgency or enthusiasm from some school leadership teams. If good leaders have a love of technology, and a passion for it, they can make a difference in our schools.

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