How do you get buy in from reluctant teachers and administrators.

How do you get administration and teachers to buy into technology integration and to use integrationist as a resource.  

The explorer teachers are easy, you show them and they are off. The ones I struggle with are the ones that do not want to shift the way they are thinking and are not interested because technology is not part of the teacher evaluation. Some feel as though they are doing fine with technology because they have the ability to upload a PDF to our LMS, Canvas, for students to work on. 

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February 02, 2023

No advice. I could have written this exact post myself. That, and I have teachers who are very tech-savvy who don't want any input from a tech coach.

February 03, 2023

From a leadership standpoint, you have to create a collective vision for what they want teaching & learning with technology to look like. "We want students to be creative, innovative, critical thinkers", for example. Once there has become agreed upon vision and the style learning design you want for students, in my experience, the more you can have those leaders and even the most tech savvy teachers have a hands-on experience with it to show what's possible for students, the more buy-in and excitement you will tend to have. Lean on your explorer teachers and empower them with time to share what they're doing with other teachers in their school. Or create time for other teachers to spend time in the explorer teachers classrooms to observe.

February 03, 2023

I've struggled with that a little this year too. But I've realized that some of those teachers are hesitant until they see what their students know and can do with the digital tools they have available. They realize that they aren't the ones that absolutely have to be the expert on using Keynote or iMovie or whatever because their kids already are. That has seemed to open the door a bit for a few on my campus this year!

I've also found that a lot of it relies on my relationship with the teacher in question. Being present and being invested in them usually helps give them a little nudge to invest in what I've got for them in turn. Little wins like using Apple Classroom for the first time or giving kids multiple options for presentations besides a slideshow have been great this year for those teachers - nothing elaborate, but has still made a difference.

Hope that helps!

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