Does teaching and learning in schools have a place with AI?

I began writing this post a while ago. However, ChatGPT and the over 300 variations on AI applications kept evolving and changing. ChatGPT was launched in late November 2022, in the three months since then there has been a range of responses to this latest technology innovation.

"Ban it" is one such immediate response. Assessments which rely on student generated descriptions and prose are under immediate threat of unfair assistance, or 'cheating'. (I suspect the same was said about dictionaries, then spell/grammar checkers.) An article in our local news service highlighted the situation when writing was first introduced..Plato was against it, as how would you know that anyone knew anything. Ironically we 'know this' because Socrates wrote about the situation.

"Embrace it" is at the other extreme. Three states in Australia (Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria) have blacklisted the ChatGPT website and banned use of AI by students. South Australia Education authorities have welcomed the opportunity for teachers and their students to learn about the latest technological tool.

How our you going to respond to the easy availability of AI assistance?

[It should be noted that Wolfram|Alpha, the engine behind SIRI, has been available on every browser since 2009]

A selection of AI websites and applications:


List of AI websites
List of AI websites

Find The Exact AI Tool For Your

*Futurepedia claims to be the largest AI repository


Futurepedia - largest AI repository
Futurepedia - largest AI repository

The Largest AI Tools Directory |

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May 10, 2023

Actually, the largest directory is AiTopTools - Largest AI Tool Directory

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