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Thanks for Tuesday - was great to see so many like minded people in one place. Journey home was far easier - Planes trains and automobiles running well and was at home with a cup of tea by 9pm - far quicker than the 11 hours that it took us to get to Liverpool St.

We are lucky enough to be an iPad one to one school and of course enjoy using GarageBand, but currently only as individual students in a classroom. Is there a way of creating some sort of shared file; that can be worked on simultaneously? I thought about setting some sort of click track and locking this in and then students could individually create sections which can then be dropped into the same piece.

Would be very exciting to have a group of students working on the same piece at the same time but a piece of music is more complex than a text doc or a spreadsheet?

I have a colleague who thinks it can happen, but is not sure how and so I am wondering if there are any GarageBand experts out there who are working in this sort of way? I would welcome any guidance!



SImeon Royle

Mounts Bay Academy,


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Posted on February 10, 2023 in response to SimeonPZ

I believe there is! In iCloud Drive, if you press and hold the song in question, the drop down menu will appear with the "share" option. If you choose "project," there is an option to send a copy or collaborate. If you choose "collaborate," then you can invite others to the project with the link. That should work.

I hope this answers your question!

Question: GarageBand - creating a shared piece

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