Day 1 - Apple Learning Academy - Reflective Question

This is my first Apple Learning Academy, so my reflection is to show how I have gain a robust knowledge through discussion about how to create a culture where staff, teachers, and administrators can understand that "it's okay to make mistakes, try it!". If we Collaborate between all levels, Respect that everyone learns at different speeds. Establish Relationships that shows that it's okay to ask questions without ridicule or shame. Build Trust within each other and have the ability to believe on the person next to you. Finally, the most important, in my opinion, is for all to have a Growth Mindset, where everyone believes in what John Locke called a Tabla Rasa also known as a Blank Slate, so that we are all able to make critical and enforced decisions that will help create our new culture, "Its okay to make mistake, try it!".

My professional development goals...

  1. To have 100% of all PK-2nd grade teachers at each campus attain their Apple Teacher certification by the end of May 2023.
  2. To ensure 100% of Instructional Technology Assistants (ITAs) to attain Apple Teacher Certification by the end of March 2023.

Apple Learning Academy, Professional Learning

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January 25, 2024

Would anyone be able to give me some guidance as to what to expect when attending the learning academy? I will be attending in February, and I am just nervous not knowing what to expect. I currently teach 6th grade and we are a 1-to-1 school.

March 11, 2024

Can you tell me how you get to the Apple Learning Academy? Is there an application?

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