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We have several teachers that use Cricut Design Space. The app is constantly needing an update. When the app is launched and detects an update it will automatically download the update and try to install it. At that point the user gets a popup "An Update is ready to install. Cricut Design Space is trying to add a new helper tool." To continue you have to input the local Admin and password to continue. The app will not launch unless you enter this info. I have tried creating a TCC profile with the Security & Privacy payload allowing Full Disk Access for Is there a way around this without us pushing the update out through our MDM every time.

The teachers have standard accounts on the macOS devices.

Thanks in advance.

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March 08, 2023

Hi Jeff,

Which MDM are you using? Some MDMs like Jamf and Mosyle allow an admin on demand feature that will let you give the user admin privileges for a few minutes to accept the update so that you don't have to be involved every time.



March 09, 2023

We are using Filewave. I don't think that has that feature but I will look into it.

Thanks for the response.

March 14, 2023

That is a constant Cricut Design space error. I have a cricut and so do some of the teachers I work with and it drives us crazy. You can have the app auto update in your MDM but it isn't a full workaround I have the issue on my personal devices also.

March 15, 2023

Jeff - We face the same issue ourselves and within our MDM have the option to be notified of app updates on. Once we (in the tech land) get one of those notifications we send out the update to devices where it is installed.

Once of the tools we use to help out with that is Autopkgr. It lets us do things like schedule app updates to download on one machine, then we can figure out how to distribute those to our clients. In our case the MDM is jamf, but there are some FileWave tie-ins that might also help on out.

Here is the link to Autopkgr:

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